S.S. Huber - The Dragon's Eye Crystal

Song of the Dragon Series explores themes of bullying, intolerance and bigotry; the roots of war and oppression, in an unusual, non-threatening and whimsical way. Book 1 of the series, S.S. Huber - The Dragon’s Eye Crystal is set in Chilliwack, British Columbia and central Canada. Sybil Huber’s Grade 8 class embarks on a field trip to the picturesque valley between majestic Mount Cheam and Lady Peak, located in the Upper Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver. A heart-wrenching family tragedy takes a terrifying turn, leading to existing parallel dimensions and an exotic journey of epic proportions. It is a passionate quest for peace, a fascinating tale of youth coming to terms with an inherited gift of foresight, discovery of their roots and what it means to be family. It is a poignant coming-of-age story, interwoven with fanciful characters. The young and young-at-heart will surrender themselves to this richly imagined tale, leaving them spellbound and wanting more.
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S.S. Huber - Rise of the Dragon

In Book 2 of Song of the Dragon series, Sybil and Simon Huber follow their hound Sirius back to Aquadria. They are drawn into conflict in Seventh dimension as the country descends into civil war. Aligned with northern forces, a tale of cross-dimensional effort and heroism unfolds as they discover the key to Aquadorus’s power, and solve the mystery behind the Duplicating Chambers. Transformational changes bring surprising results for family and friends. Sybil is disconcerted by, and resists a growing attraction that begins to develop between her and Dimondus. Coming to terms with their unique strengths and abilities Sybil and Simon learn to deal with bullying as they grapple with Wesley Peters in Third dimension.

In loving memory of Kevin James Morris

Book 1 was written over a period of time. The first 6 chapters were created in the distant past. The remainder was finished in 2015 and 2016, prior to and while my son was undergoing treatment for Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme, an incurable form of brain cancer. Kevin's positive outlook encouraged us all to "pay it forward." 


In keeping with this wish, in his memory, a percentage of the first year's royalties will be donated to the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada to create awareness about this disease and to further research toward finding a cure.  At present, it is a terminal diagnosis.


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Chilliwack author's dragon tale has a deeper message - Chilliwack News

Chilliwack Progress Online News Release:

First year's royalties from Book 2 S.S Huber - Rise of the Dragon are donated to help offset the cost of treatment for Ryan "Chopper" Masales who has taken part in a study at the Ivy Brain Tumour Center in Phoenix, Arizona. This option was not available to Kevin at the time.  Thank you, Ryan, for bravely continuing the battle. It is with great hope this study will be successful for you and will advance standard treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme.


Kevin's favourite quote. 

"Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind always."


Before he left us, he challenged his Facebook family and friends to do a random act of kindness

every day. Thank you to all who are working toward keeping his wish alive by paying it forward.